So, anybody remember the swine flu of 2009? That’s what I thought, a distant memory. Why was there no massive shutdown of the economy, no massive panic buyouts at the grocery stores, because there was no fearmongering from the media. So, how did it compare to the COVID-19 situation? Well, in the US alone, 26,000,000 individuals infected, 300,000 hospitalized and 18,000 deaths. At this time the Coronavirus has killed 40 people in the US, 77% of them in a rest home in Washington State. So why the disparity? The media has an agenda and that is to hurt President Trump and they don’t give a rat’s whiskers how many millions of ordinary Americans suffer financially in the meantime. This political weaponization by the left wing media has done more to hurt the prosperity we as American taxpayers have been seeing in the last three years than the virus in and of itself would have ever done without their radical fearmongering. Just saying.