As the world has been fighting with pandemic coronavirus disease, making their countries lockdown saying stay home and stay safe avoiding social gatherings. The globe is triggering and authorities struggle to contain an outbreak.

Sweden, which chose an alternative approach to the virus from the beginning, might yet prove to have taken a better path. The Swedish government forbade gatherings of more than 50 people and directed vulnerable citizens to self-isolate. But it also left parks, schools, restaurants, bars, and workplaces open for everyone else. The result in terms of per capita COVID-19 deaths has been no worse than in other European countries, and much better than Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom. And although Sweden’s death rate has been higher than that of the United States, in the long run, this approach might make Sweden more resistant than we are to second and third waves of the disease.

But Sweden becomes a model and exemplary nations where the government refuses to lockdown the country even it has recorded, as of today, 15,322 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 1,765 people have died from the virus among the population of around 10.2 million people. And the daily life goes on as normal in Sweden.

The impact of the coronavirus cannot simply be measured by its effect on health. Unsurprisingly, Sweden has been less damaged economically compare to other European nations.

Swedish measures are all based on individuals taking responsibility, and that is also an important part of the Swedish model.