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A couple of thoughts on the Cliven Bundy situation in Nevada.  Many are going to point out that Cliven is breaking the law.  I to a degree I would agree with that.  I do however think that Americans have a right and a duty to disagree with bad laws.  The Sierra Club comes in and claims we must protect the tortoise.  The liberals in government come in and push this through.  Was this “law” even voted on?  Well the fact remains that the tortoise and cattle have lived together for over a hundred years!  These (political) scare tactics need to stop.  A compromise can always be worked out.

Now, law breaking a side.  The response needs to be equal to crime.  Hundreds of armed enforcement agents come in pointing guns and taking cattle.  Really?   Talk about feeling like we live Russia or some other communist country.  As stated in the video.  We leave our borders unprotected and let drug runners, criminals, human traffickers, etc free access!  No armed agents?  Please.  Lets bring in hundreds of armed agents to take out a cattle rancher who has run the family farm for hundreds of years!  It is ridiculous!