Recently POTUS has come out stating that he want to regulate the internet.  There are good reason to do this… and bad reason to do this.

Currently, some networks ask content providers such as Netflix to pay extra or they will restrict speed, etc.  This is bad.  The consumers shouldn’t be regulated on what content they choose.  The networks should be networks not greedy, restrictive, self serving corporations.

That being said, we don’t need government stepping in.  They have consistently shown they are incapable of managing anything (ethically or efficiently).  They will start with good intentions – then it will turn into something bad.  Next thing you know they want to see what content we are looking at and… oh wait they already do that (thanks NSA).  The internet doesn’t need the bloated bureaucracy nanny state that we call government.

What we need to do as consumers is stop using Comcast, AT&T, and the like if they want to restrict our network service.  Find internet providers that provide.  Consumers have all the power.  We should never trade it for freedoms in one area yet lose them in another.