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Sweden Got it Right

As the world has been fighting with pandemic coronavirus disease, making their countries lockdown saying stay home and stay safe avoiding social gatherings. The globe is triggering and authorities struggle to contain an outbreak.

Sweden, which chose an alternative approach to… Continue Reading →

I Have Concern Over Covid 19 Stats

I have recently had a doctor tell me that hospitals and doctor are trying to associate most deaths to covid 19 because they receive high reimbursements from the government for their treatment. If this is true it bothers me… Continue Reading →

Form Your Own Opinion

Have we and are we over reacting to Covid-19?

Top Ten Causes of death in the US: (per CDC and https://www.healthline.com/health/leading-causes-of-death)

Heart Disease – 635,260Cancer – 598,038Accidents – 161,374Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases – 154,596Stroke – 142,142Alzheimer’s – 116,103Diabetes – 80,058Influenza and Pneumonia… Continue Reading →

“Obama wants more regulation of Internet providers”

Recently POTUS has come out stating that he want to regulate the internet.  There are good reason to do this… and bad reason to do this.
Currently, some networks ask content providers such as Netflix to pay extra or they will… Continue Reading →

Bigger Government?

Bigger government… is this what we really want?
We do understand there is some irony here but also a lot of truth.

Demographic Winter


Socialism is a Failure

This teacher is truly a genius
An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student, but had once failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that… Continue Reading →

Facebook Censorship

Todd Starnes is censored for saying:
“Rancher Bundy should’ve told the feds that those were Mexican cows – who came across the border illegally to seek better grazing opportunities. It was an act of love.”

Really, Is this what the Federal Government has come to?

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com
A couple of thoughts on the Cliven Bundy situation in Nevada.  Many are going to point out that Cliven is breaking the law.  I to a degree I would agree with that.  I do however think… Continue Reading →

President Obama and Chihuahua Global Politics

President Obama sounds like a Chihuahua when he speaks on global issues.  All bark no bite.
How many times have we heard this?  Syria, Russia, Ukrainian, etc…  Many have said it before:
John McCain blames Obama’s “feckless” foreign policy for Ukraine crisis
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Sarah… Continue Reading →

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